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The popular Prestigious Inspirational Gospel Hour started out as a show called Living for Jesus.....

The host of Prestigious Inspirational Gospel Hour (PIGH) is Verna Bradley-Jackson, wife of Tommy Jackson, mother of three daughters and one son, and the proud grandmother of four grandsons. She is also the CEO of Prestigious Inspirational Media Group and Publisher of Prestigious Inspirational Gospel Magazine. Tommy is the Editor of PIGH and Executive Editor of the magazine.

In October of 1995, Mr. Cleve Dunn asked Verna to be the host of his television show called Living for Jesus. After accepting the role as host, Mr. Dunn said that her name would become a household name and that her life in the public would no longer be the same.

Verna said, "Oh my God; he was so right".

Mr. Dunn came to Verna again in 1996, asking her to take over the show. Wow, she said, "Cleve I don't know about all that." You would have to know Cleve; he is a encourager and motivator. She prayed about it. It took some time; God had to really talk with her. Now, when she got the okay from God, it seem like the press was really on then.

Once she accepted the task, she made some changes to the show like the name, the line-up and added segments. The birth of PIGH became a reality. There was a great response to the new and unique format of the show and it became something truly personal not only to her, but, to the people watching it also.

Calls were coming in from all over, lots of them. The uncommon, personal touch of having either Verna or Tommy on the line for every call was endearing to the viewers. "The callers were thanking us for playing such great uplifting gospel music on the show," Verna exclaimed, "and many commented that the show touched their hearts."

What make Verna feel that this was truly God's Will was the fact that people of all ages were watching – young and seasoned alike – and reconnecting with their family (spending time with their family that they might otherwise not have done). While watching the show they would call the show, put the call on speaker phone and Verna would talk with everyone.

"That's a blessing all by itself. Just knowing what you are doing for GOD has an impact on someone's life." said Verna. "PIGH helped me also with a closer relationship with GOD. Ears and hands made a great difference with my walk with GOD. Just hearing how people said that this type of show with GOD's words in it changed their lives. It made me want to do more to be a blessing to GOD's people. They are a blessing to me and my family."

The word of GOD says in Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." In Ephesians 3:20, "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us..."

Other than the hourly show on Sundays, PIGH also sponsored events.

Prestigious Awards: The purpose for Prestigious Awards was to aid people who had been burned out of their home and others that were less fortunate. It was like the Grammy Awards, but local in flavor and tied to the Gospel and Religious community. They would give out awards to the Mass Choir of the Year, Usher of the Year, Community Leader of the Year and others. All winners were voted in by their peers, congregations, and/or parishoners. We felt that this way everyone could take part in giving back to help someone else.

The first PIGH Gospel Concert was held at the Great Hall on August 11, 2000. Verna's special guest at the event was the legendary Sister Dorothy Norwood.

On the air until 2009, PIGH, became a staple for family viewing, and in some cases gave families something to do together. Some viewers would refuse to schedule anything else during our regular timeslot. PIGH will start broadcasting again in 2013.

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